Before You Post

"We hope that people can think before posting. We hope that we can be kind to one another. Remember, that posts of an angry and irrational nature rarely, if ever, are taken seriously. But, alas, we can't stop those posts. It's up to every poster to understand that the people on the other end of AFH are *real* people and not just words on a screen. It is so easy to go off on somebody that you can't see or look in the eye. Doing that doesn't make you greater or smarter or more right. It just allows people to lose respect for you. You don't have to care about what others think of you... I would just hope that most of you respect yourself enough to care about what you think of you."

"Technically, I can't say what you guys should discuss. I know what discussions I don't like. You know which discussions you don't like. Most people don't care much for OT discussions but with HANSON not doing much in the spotlight it's hard to find things to discuss. But I will tell you that I would rather read 20 respectful and interesting OT posts than one disrespectful on topic post. Not meaning disrespectful to HANSON, but disrespectful to anybody. Think before you post."

"as you are *respectful* and well-intentioned in your post you shouldn't care what others think of your opinion."

The above quotes are taken from, in one of her posts about the fights that were going on. We think everything she said applies to everyone, and everyone should take that advice and think about it before they post something, always. After all, AFH is our place, we should try to make it the best it can be.

The following are some questions we think everyone should ask themselves before they send a post:

•Would people be interested in this subject?
•Are my comments directed towards one specific person? If so, it should go to email.
•Is this message appropriate to post in a public forum and is it in good taste?
•Would I be interested in this subject if somebody else posted it?
•Is this a reply to a basher/troll (a person who is trying to stir up trouble or doesnt like Hanson)? If the answer is yes, don't post it.
•Is my post actually giving someone something to think about, and contributing to the newsgroup?

[Thank you to Lisa for supplying some of the above, in her post]