Frequently Asked Questions

About this FAQ 

This FAQ is written for the usenet newsgroup (also called discussion group) which is dedicated to the music group Hanson. The main purpose of this newsgroup is to let Hanson fans chat about their favorite subject, Hanson. However, this FAQ is also appropriate for almost any serious newsgroup that can be found on the usenet. 

You can access the newsgroup through many news servers. If you don't have usenet access you can try the free (read-only) server news:, you may use the World Wide Web., and are Web based usenet servers. The newsgroup is not moderated, so anybody can post to it. 

What is is a newgroup made up of fans that discusses Hanson information and news. It's a great way to get news and a fun way to meet other hanson fans.

What should I do with postings from Hanson bashers? 

Bashers are people who hate Hanson, and are trying to get attention by posting offending messages, including lies) Ignore them. DO NOT REPLY! The bashers want you to do it, so that they will see that they are noticed and are receiving attention. Long threads containing fights with Hanson haters are not something we want in this newsgroup. The only solution to bashers is to ignore them. Nevertheless, do not reply to bashers in newsgroups such as either. Only when nobody (and therefore it is important that all the Hanson lovers unite) replies to bashers, will they go away after a relatively short period. 

What are the commonly used abbreviations? 

Here is a list: 

NG = Newsgroup 
TOT=Totally of topic 
ppl = people 
BTW = By the way 
IMHO = In my humble opinion 
j/k = Just kidding 
b/c = because 
WTL = Where's the Love 
MON = Middle of Nowhere 
MFM = Man From Milwaukee 
AT = Admiral Twin 
IWCTY or IWC2Y = I Will Come To You 
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions 
LOL = Laughing Out Loud 
ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing 
TT&MON or TTMON = Tulsa, Tokyo & the Middle of Nowhere 
SI = Snowed in 
3CG = Three Car Garage 
GSL/STF = Gimmie Some Lovin'/Shake Your Talefeather
RTA = Road to Albertane
LFA = Live From Albertane
IA = Ikeaholics (Ike fans)
TA = Tayaholics (Tay fans)
ZA = Zacaholics (Zac fans)
GJ = Green Jello
BKA = Black Kool-Aid
Teenie = the girls who scream and cry and will rip your hair out in the name of Hanson. They are rather obsessive and quite frankly.. scary
Flump = the sound you make when you hit the floor when fainting from something that Hanson does
Guardians = a thing the TA, IA and ZA's do. See The TA, IA and ZA pages about that
Troll=someone who posts something on the newsgroup to cause trouble
Newbie=someone who's new to the newsgroup
Oldbie=someone who has been at the newsgroup about since it started
MOE = Middle of Everywhere-Hanson's Official Fan Club
a.f.h = 

What are the most common rumors? 

There are some people out there who have distributed some rumors which are NOT true, so please don't post a message in asking whether they are true. Here is a list of these rumors: - Hanson were in a car accident. - The boys are gay. - The boys smoke/use drugs/use alcohol/are addicted - Taylor wrote a letter to a radio asking everybody to stop teasing Zac. - Taylor created the site. Please: These are only rumor and are NOT TRUE. They have been originated by Hanson bashers, or by accident,
and should be ignored completely. The people in are tired of posts asking questions about these rumors... 

What about people who offer Hanson stuff? 

Do not believe people who claim they have Hanson stuff, like their toothbrush, or hair, or any other stuff that belonged to Hanson. They try to rip you off. 

What are the guidelines for posting? 

There are no special rules, but please read the following Questions/Answers. 

I hate Hanson. Should I post, and tell everyone? 

Yes! HOWEVER, and this is important, DO IT IN THE CORRECT NEWSGROUP! was created for Hanson fans. There are other newsgroups for those posts. 

I know it is off-topic, but I know how you can make eight gazillion dollars in only two weeks. Should I post? 

No, do not post it in this newsgroup. For those who don't know already, it's llegal and doesn't work. They repeatedly post these messages because after a while some naive people will fall for it, because so many people seem to have had "good results". Do not be a fool; just ignorethose posts. 

OK, I want to post something else, not off-topic. What are the guidelines? 

Before you post anything, we recommend following this newsgroup for several days. After reading this FAQ, if you cannot find an answer to your question, read all the recently posted articles. If it is still not answered, go ahead and post it. Do not be afraid to ask something. Weare not going to bite you, and if you really are a Hanson lover you cannot do anything wrong. 

What are the guidelines for posting binaries? 

This newsgroup was not created for binary postings. Therefore, only small binaries are recommended and will not get you flamed. If you want to post a binary, make sure it is smaller then 250KB, and post it in less then 10 messages (parts). Also, do not post more than a few binaries a week. This way the newsgroup will not be flooded by binaries. If you want to distribute larger binaries, you should put them on your homepage or an ftp server, and post a link to it. If you do not have a homepage, get one free at or get ftp space at If the binary is small, or if you have a good Internet connection, you may also work on-demand by telling people to e-mail you if they want to have it. If you really want to post it, post it in an appropriate binaries group, such as and post a message in referring to your post. 

What are the things I should pay attention to when posting? 

- Please use your newsreader's "follow up" function to reply. Do not create a new thread nor use the "Forward" function. 
- Please quote the REVELANT part of the post you are replying to. If a post is long there is no reason to quote the entire post. 
- Never give out your home address, telephone number or other personal data There are sick people out there! 
- Do not use the subject "Hanson". It is obvious you are going to post something about Hanson! 
- Typing in caps is considered yelling. Don't use the cap key unless you are yelling. 
- Post your testing posts in alt.test. If you fill in the Reply-To: header, several news servers will acknowledge your post, unless you put "ignore" in the subject. 

Other Internet Hanson Sources 

The World Wide Web 

Hanson has an official site called Hansonline. Check it out at Make sure you check out the Live Updates A good start place is The Ultimate Hanson Links Page". It is an index of ALL the known Hanson

The usenet 

The only newsgroup for Hanson fans is There are other newsgroups, but they are not for fans, but for those who hate Hanson. 


There is an e-mail address for fans: and there is an e-mail list which you can sign up for on the official site. No member of Hanson will ever send e-mail signed only by himself. All e-mails are signed with all three boys' names. The same applies to snail mail and telephone calls. Hanson has ONLY one screenname (email address) on AOL: MMMBop. You cannot email to it because they block all emails. Personal replies from Hanson will always come from the address Nevertheless, check the headers, since it is easy to create fake emails. Detecting a mail forgery requires looking at the
message headers: instruct your mail program to show all the headers. The "From", "Reply-To", and "Return-Path" headers should all give as the address. Examine the Received headers. Each mail relay that processes the message adds a Received header (like a postmark). The headers are listed in reverse order, so the Received header from the originating server will be at the bottom of the list. Make sure the computers from your ISP have received the email from AOL's computers. If in doubt, email me with the email, including the headers, and I will verify it for you. They never send mail originating from Hansonline. However, official announcements may come from Hansonline. There also exist many other Hanson related clubs/newsletters.

If you have any more questions please contact us